So I guess people liked our SXSWi panel...

I presented at South by Southwest Interactive on Sunday, March 11. The session was entitled Stand with Planned Parenthood: A Crisis Response.

Felt really good to impart some useful info to the crowd. As any SXSW attendee can tell you, it’s easy to get stuck in a crappy panel with sub-par presenters so I’m glad we got positive feedback. Also happy that the crowd came out despite the rainy weather, early morning session, and Daylight Saving snatching an hour of sleep from the partied-out attendees.

Shout out to my panelists Amy Bryant, Stephanie Lauf, Heather Holdridge, and Gabriela Lazzaro. Honorable mention to Alexandra Hart who was integral in proposing and planning the panel although she couldn’t participate. Check out some of the feedback below:

And other mentions: